Success Stories

  1. Client X was in a ten year marriage wherein she experienced extreme and repeated mental abuse from her husband. Client X one day upon returning home, came to discover that their marital home was completely vacant; all furniture, furnishings, dishware, appliances, photos, and even the smallest things like paper towels and pens had been removed by her husband. As Client X walked around the house, she discovered that her husband had placed his wedding in the middle of the kitchen floor as a clear indication that her marriage was over. Realizing she had no place to turn to and not knowing where to begin the healing of her abusive past, Client X retained the services of Lavelle Law, Ltd to represent her with her divorce. The attorneys with the Family Law Practice Group of Lavelle Law, Ltd. begin a vigorous process by way of filings with the Court to recover and restore the things removed by Client X’s husband. Client X was unemployed and was in serious financial and emotional despair. The attorneys at Lavelle Law, Ltd. presented motions with the Court and were successful in having orders entered requiring that the husband return all items that were removed from the home, including such things as paper towels and toilet papers. Further, the court ordered that Client X’s husband pay an amount of $10,000.00 to Lavelle Law, Ltd. for attorney fees and further ordered that he pay Client X an amount of $2,500.00 per month despite documents he presented to the court indicating that he was only earning approximately $60,000.00 per year as a General Contractor.
  2. Client X returned home one day and discovered that both his wife and his five year old son were not home. As the day was coming to an end, he discovered that his wife had vacated the marital home and had taken his child with her and was living with a boyfriend of hers. The Family Law Practice Group of Lavelle Law, Ltd. were successful in obtaining a court order not only requiring the wife to return the child to his home but granted Client X temporary custody of the child during the pendency of the divorce matter.
  3. Client X was involved in a divorce case that was pending for almost two years. Client was frustrated with not only the time and costs involved with his divorce proceeding, but was equally frustrated with his previous and current attorneys. Client X, who had two previous attorneys prior to retaining the Family Law Practice Group of Lavelle Law, Ltd., was eager to move the matter to closure. After just a few short weeks, the attorneys of Lavelle Law, Ltd. were able to resolve the case and Client X received an award in his divorce that was more favorable than any settlement proposals that were discussed through his two previous attorneys.
  4. Client X retained the Family Law Practice Group as result of case filed against him by the Cook County State’s Attorney’s office for what they alleged was amount of approximately $56,000.00 owed by Client X for non-payment of child support to his ex-girlfriend. After appearing for trial to address the complaint filed by the State’s Attorney’s office; the court rendered a finding that Client X in fact “over paid” his ex-girlfriend in excess $7,000.00. The attorneys of the Family Law Practice Group of Lavelle Law, Ltd. subpoenaed bank and employer records, and upon receiving the documents, were able to trace a history of payments made by Client X for child support to his ex-girlfriend that were not “credited” by the State’s Attorney Office. The case was ultimately dismissed.
  5. Client X retained the Family Law Practice Group of Lavelle Law, Ltd. to secure child support payments from the father of the Client X’s child. In Illinois, payment of child support terminates when a child becomes "emancipated.” A child becomes emancipated when the child turns 18 years old or completes high school, which ever date is later; it is at that point that a child is legally recognized as an adult and therefore support for that child is no longer required. Any child support that is requested and sought beyond the typical “emancipation” date will be ordered by the court upon a showing of “good cause.” The attorneys of Lavelle Law, Ltd. were successful in obtaining an order from the Court granting Client X child support until the child’s 23rd birthday.
  6. Client X’s former attorney who represented Client X in his divorce case for 3 ½ years was seeking to collect attorney’s fees from Client X in the amount of $187,500.00. The attorneys of the Family Law Practice Group of Lavelle Law, Ltd. represented Client X at trial and received an order from the Judge ordering Client X to only pay $4,500.00 of the amount claimed by Client X’s former attorney.
  7. Client X, in his divorce judgment, granted his ex-wife custody of their three year old child and provided that Client X have reasonable parenting time with the child. About a one year after the divorce, the mother began limiting Client X’s visitation with his child and took steps to prevent Client X from communicating with the child via telephone. The attorneys of the Family Law Practice Group of Lavelle Law, Ltd. were successful in obtaining an order from the Judge granting Client X custody of the minor child wherein the child resided with Client X five days of the week.
  8. In a DuPage County Divorce case, Lavelle Law Ltd. represented a Petitioner in a divorce where the Husband/Respondent had let the couple’s expensive vacation home default on its mortgage and go into foreclosure litigation. Lavelle Law Ltd. successfully motioned the Court to order the Respondent/Husband to list the vacation home for sale with a broker and successfully negotiated with the mortgage company’s attorney to delay the foreclosure proceedings, allowing the asset to be sold rather than lost to foreclosure.
  9. In a post-decree divorce case in Cook County, Lavelle Law Ltd. successfully motioned the Court to hold a Respondent/Husband in contempt for transferring the ownership of the marital residence to his father following the divorce case, despite the fact that the parties had agreed that the home would be sold and the proceeds split between the two parties. Not only did the Court find in favor of Lavelle Law Ltd.’s client, it also awarded the Respondent/Husband to pay our client’s attorney’s fees for violating the Court’s prior order.
  10. In a Lake County divorce case, Lavelle Law Ltd. succeeded in getting temporary jurisdiction over an abusive husband and father to protect abused woman and her children after they fled their home in another state. This allowed the mother and her minor children to remain in Illinois rather than return to the state of their abuser to seek relief from the Court.
  11. In a Cook County divorce case, Lavelle Law Ltd. represented a Third-Party respondent to a divorce case who was accused of hiding money of the Respondent/Husband in her business. Lavelle Law Ltd. traced all the funds used by the Third-Party Respondent to purchase her business, and persuaded the Petitioner/Wife and Respondent/Husband to drop their causes of action to try to take our client’s business from our client.
  12. In a McHenry County divorce case, Lavelle Law Ltd. successfully vacated a default divorce wrongfully granted after our client had not been served with her divorce documents. Vacating the default divorce allowed the client to seek greater custody rights and visitation rights with her children.
  13. In a Lake County divorce case, Lavelle Law Ltd. successfully petitioned the Court to prevent a mother from transferring her children from their current school to another nearby public school without the permission of our client. Lavelle Law Ltd. showed that the mother’s transferring of the children from one school to another was for the purpose of retaliation against the children’s father, and not in the children’s best interest. The children were back in their old school the next day.